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Sol Guard 29G 1/2" 1ML Insulin Safety Syringe

Manufacturer: Sol Millennium
Category: Diabetic Supplies
Product Code: 200017SG
SKU: EC020
UPC: -
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SOL-GUARD™ Safety Syringe and SOL-GUARD™ Insulin Syringe, engineered safety mechanism to potentially reduce the risk of needle stick injury. The SOL-GUARD™ Syringe, has a transport mode, clear gradations for visibility of draw-up of medication and low space.

• Special Design Safety Shield-Protection to healthcare worker during transporting device, and after use. Easy to lock either right or left twist, confirmation for final locking position is an audible click
• Transport Position-Potentially reducing the risk of needle stick injury while moving locations
• Low Dead Space-Minimizes medication waste
• Clear, Bold Graduations-Accuracy in draw up of medication

  • 29 Guage 1/2" Needle
  • 1 ML Capacity
  • 100 Syringes/Box